Saturday, December 26, 2009


Annie and kids arrived about 7 PM last night. Lots of chatter followed. Cedar broke the Mary figure in the Mexican creche and broke her own heart as well. Children will have accidents but I was disappointed that our gracious friends would return to find a family heirloom damaged. I told Cedar we won't worry about what is past but in the future I would return with glue and profuse apologies. "I know I can fix it," I said. She believed, was somewhat comforted and we spoke of it no more.
This morning I left Annie and kids at the MSP air terminal and drove to Rosemount where friend Aina prepared a good breakfast. Later we got the downstairs apartment in order and I made myself at home. We were visited by many birds of various nations, including a single robin. We also saw one or two rabbits, a gray squirrel and at least nine deer. It's wonderful to look out the window and find a family of deer looking in!
We walked down the long drive to the mailbox exchanging tales of foxes and coyotes, comets and starry nights that we have known.

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