Monday, December 21, 2009


Sunday was a full day and began with buckwheat pancakes, apple sauce, homemade yogurt and Leech Lake maple syrup. So we were well fueled. Ann and I went to the Self-Realization Fellowship. As I meditated I got that falling asleep feeling and saw spirit visitors. The first one said he was Duckman. His chair put him between me and the picture of Jesus that was placed at the altar in recognition of Christmas. Duckman wore jeans, a gray sweatshirt and a black stocking cap. I was wondering why he was there when he suddenly disappeared. I felt that I had become physically worn out so my spirit looked behind me and saw I was walking a long hill on a straight path. The path was clean, smooth and unbroken, a seamless material. It was not quite white and shown brightly behind and before me. I saw no end and no beginning. But behind me there was a collection of litter beside the path. What is it I wondered. A small voice identified it as "Waste and failure." Then a woman in a dark red robe came walking up to me and said, "Drink campion tea." What is it I wanted to know. "Ask Ann," was her response. When I asked Ann she said she didn't know. Afterwards the children enacted Mary and Joseph looking for shelter and the birth of Jesus.
Afterwards the congregation all went to the Ober Center in St Paul for a party and gift distribution. That was quite enjoyable, too. We had a wonderful black Santa. All the gifts were taken and appreciation was evident. A refreshment table was prepared. It was depleted and renewed several times.
In 1982 Mae Sarton wrote of a "blizzard that hit Washington and Philadelphia went out to sea and never came here (Maine)." There was a storm over DC this year, too.
Karen came over and purchased five pounds of wild rice. I gave her a 1/2 pint of high bush cranberry syrup.

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