Thursday, December 17, 2009


This will be the last entry in the Hogwarts Journal. All pages will fill today. Then I send it off to Sharon Saxton!
Last night I began reading the book Flo sent, "Message on the Wind" by CS Jenkinson. I discovered that one of the author's mentors was Mike Jacobs. It was the name of someone I knew, too. No, I thought, just a quirk. But reading on I found that Mike was married to Suzette. Now, I'm sure this is the same Mike who edits the Grand Forks Herald. I worked for the paper in the early '80s. The book is subtitled, "A Spiritual Odyssey on the Northern Plains, Essays From Beyond the Grid". He quotes Buck Ramsey, "We knew our way from dawn to dawn, And far beyond, and far beyond." Also Wright Morris, "In the dry places, men begin to dream. Where the rivers run sand, there is something in man that begins to flow." How wonderful to find new voices on a printed page. The author writes, "Coyotes are crooning at the vault of the sky... The air is dense with loneliness and mystery."
I've just returned from a 10-block walk. I aimed farther but I got cold. I should have worn the down coat instead of the jacket. "I will try to contend graciously and productively with this day." It was my own shortsightedness that led me to abandon my goal. But I am disappointed that my day is already less productive than my early plan. How will I spend my remaining hours? By savoring the moments. I will find my way from dawn to dawn.
One thing I've done is to put out three slices of bread to dry. From these I will prepare a broccoli-cheese pie for supper. As I separated the selected slices from their companions I was aware of the fragrance of bread, my fingers lingered upon their texture. I thought of the grace of sun and wind and water on soil. I thought of one grain feeding many. My thoughts turned to the future when the bread will be reduced to crumbs and cubes. When Roberto arrived with the broccoli he held it above his head like a priest raising a sacrament. I thought of gathers of many nations returning home from the abundant hills. Ann will be pleased to have help preparing the meal. I see us gathered around the hot dish so fragrant... so good... and I will savor it all again.

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