Thursday, December 16, 2010


Dawn S came as I put Cedar on the bus and we left directly for Pine River. It was a lovely ride over good roads. I did two programs and they were well attended. Both groups gave us a full house. Several dear and loyal friends showed up and it was a great treat to look out at their smiling faces.
When I got back home I emptied the mail box of its exciting contents. Cards and notes and a package from Carla D in France. She had sent me four envelopes of postage stamps. Cedar and I will open them tomorrow when she gets back from school.
Flo also sent a package with me and it contained a beautiful doll! There was also a caddie, can of chocolate and a bag of Jasmine tea. What gracious generous friends!
This is the final journal entry and the last blog for Seven Decades. I've enjoyed this so much that I plan to begin a new blog Jan 1, 2011. I'll keep a daily journal and a weekly blog. Thank you who have followed the blog and left comments. Perhaps you will join me again after Christmas.
Good bye for now.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


While going through photos I am setting aside those of my pet friends so Cedar can see how real they are. Now they are but names and stories without breath or bone.
In spite of serious temperature dip the goldfinches are still coming to the feeder. I think they should go south as they are too aggressive for the chickadees. How can the cheerful friendly little ones survive such fierce competition?
I went out early to meet the bus so I could take a ten minute walk. I tried to step in nonslip spots but impossible to avoid ice completely. When I got to the bus stop I was so tense my whole body was a clenched fist. But as I stood in the sun I was soon so warm I pulled off my scarf and removed my old tattered mittens.
Brandon said these were "the mittens you love". He'd noticed that I'd patched them with red felt hearts. I'd embroidered a smile on one of the hearts and he noticed that, too. Not much escaped his quick bright eyes.
I have so many photos of him and twice he has looked up out of an image and brought tears to my eyes.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


"Politics is about the improvement of people's lives, lessening human suffering, advancing the cause of peace and justice in our country and in the world." Paul Wellstone.
Did you know that friends and I visited Marjorie Rawlings home at Cross Creek, FL? Yes, and the oranges were ripe. So each guest was allowed to pick and enjoy a fresh fruit from the tree near her house. Just think of that! My cells were nurtured and restored by Marjorie Rawlings and a single orange. In my life so far I can remember only two such special oranges. The first was found in the toe of my Christmas stocking in 1945 on Franklin Avenue, Mpls, MN.
Today I have spent hours looking at old photos before I lock them away for storage. I think I might never look at them again. How beautiful the children were and always dear and sometimes sweet. Those were my golden years. Then came the grands. But Brandon left so suddenly. Now I have Cedar to love and she is my new gold. And how she appreciates my old stories. She opens both hands to receive them like the black plums of summer.

Monday, December 13, 2010


What a dream! I was at a party with my dog, Armand. We were having a good time. Every time something fun or funny happened he laughed! He was not large. He was not small. He seemed to love me very much but abandoned me later. He had short hair of a dark chocolate color and his ears tipped over at the top. As we tried to leave the party through the back door I discovered two cows blocking the way. They were dead and frozen. It was a shocking sight so I decided to seek another exit. I met a woman who was also trying to leave and had seen the cows. We were walking together when we met my dear old friend Bing (she is long gone to the other side). I told her about the dead cows. "Pooh, pooh!" she snorted. "I am not afraid of such things." She led us out. But Armand would not pass the cows so I went home without him. Soon a young man in a short black jacket was at the door. He wanted to see the stamps I was trying to sell. I showed him a portfolio of stamps and he selected an exquisite strip. They were fairly large, printed on gold paper and the art was highly colored. He went out to get his money from the car and never returned. When I became suspicious I looked into the portfolio and found the coveted stamps were missing.
Cedar came to spend the day with me as she was too sick to go to school. Yes, they do not want such children in the classroom sharing their germs. Only grandmothers can tolerate such children. She spent a lot of time playing with my stuffed dachshund collection. Later she worked on a chalk art project for Laura and wrote two short stories entitled "Bender's Tail" and "The Brave Snowman". I was her stenographer.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


I have received several holiday letters. I find they are missives of the highs and lows. Friends sharing grief and joy at the end of 2010.
I kept myself busy all day. I got a lot done as soon I will be gone again. Gloria brought me a bag of buns and a loaf of bread. I think I will make tuna salad sandwiches tomorrow.
Myrna called and we had a good visit. Now I am so tired again. Where is my energy?

Saturday, December 11, 2010


I enjoyed a wonderful continental breakfast, read my e-mail and suddenly Dawn S had arrived. We went to the Brainerd library. Some very old friends showed up. I'd known them 30+ years before. I nearly wept. I devoured them with my eyes so long hungry to rest upon their beauty. It was a good crowd. Some had brought books for me to sign.
Then Dawn and I were off to Pine River. We picked up her husband Joe. I had another terrific group with some familiar faces. We had late lunch on the road and very fine conversations, They brought me to my door and returned to the long highway home to Brainerd.

Friday, December 10, 2010


Dawn S came to pick me up and we had a pleasant journey over good roads to Wadena. At the library I told 4 stories to 80 6th graders! It was a full house. Afterwards we went to Baxter where a nice room was reserved for me at Hawthorne Inn and Suites. We talked about meeting for supper. But I took a hot bath, called and said I would go to bed early and meet her at 9:30 AM in the lobby.
I dreamed of falling trees. I held the hand of a child in mine and picked our way safely through the trees. When I looked at the child I saw Brandon smiling up at me. I went on avoiding the trees falling around us. When I looked at the child again... it was Cedar. She looked up at me with worried eyes. When I felt sharp sticks strike my face and arms I woke up in a strange room and heard someone running down the hall with heavy feet.