Sunday, December 13, 2009


Last night Ann and I went to a pre-concert cocktail party in St Paul. Later we went to the Fitzgerald Theater for the last Christmas With The Steeles. The program has been on the stage there for 25 years. The theater will be 100 years old next year (2010). Five siblings from Gary, In, share the stage and "forge soulful melodies that ring in the holidays with foot-tapping, hip-swaying spirit." The children's segment gave the young family members a chance to strut, too. What a talented/gifted bunch of beautiful people they are. The Fitzgerald also hosts Garrison Keillor's Prairie Home companion. Jearlyn Steele is a frequent guest on the radio broadcast and appeared in a film of the same name. Jeveta Steele appeared in the movie "Corina, Corina". Elyssa and her boyfriend brought us home. He lives nearby.
I went to church with Ann who is a Sunday school teacher at the Self-Realization Fellowship. After chanting and meditating I went downstairs to help Ann complete the pinata. A child named Emma Rose was waiting for her father and she proved to be an excellent assistant pinata maker.
Today Ann asked me to choose some dolls from her collection. I now have four special creations standing on the window shelf. They stand on the cold side of the shade at night but all day they adorn the warm side of the window. I have purchased a lovely butterfly garland for Cedar to add to the family tree up north. She will find them stunning. I also made her a holiday necklace.

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