Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I dreamed I was working in my gardens. I was making liquid fertilizer from manure. Then I started to transplant three plants from pots. I knew they were healing plants but I could only identify the echinacea before I woke up. I laid in bed a long time trying to remember the other two plants but I was unsuccessful.
When I stepped into the living room this morning I saw a flutter at the window. Looking out I saw a row of birds looking in. Six were robins and one was a chickadee. They took turns flying away, the chickadee was the last to leave. How gracious of the birds to greet me with such a beautiful display. Robins in winter! My word.
I am reading "Mary Magdalene: Bride in Exile" by Margaret Starbird. What a joy to contemplate the true and fully human Jesus and his beloved female apostle. John Shelby wrote, "MS continues her crusade to reestablish the holiness of the feminine, which has been so cruelly stolen by 'orthodox' Christian (men) leaders over the centuries. By doing so she also reestablishes the humanity of Jesus." These lines from Francis Thompson are included in the book. "O Lily of the King, remember then the timing/ That this dead mouth sang: and thy daughters,/ As they dance before His way, sing there on the Day,/ What I sang when the Night was on the waters."
Ann and Roberto have flown away to LasVegas. Annie and kids will be here on the 25th and fly to FL on the 26th. Then I go to Aina's for a few days. My plan is to write and read and walk.

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