Sunday, December 13, 2009


I know it's Sunday and you think I skipped a day but I just got home and I haven't gone to bed yet so it's still Saturday for me. I couldn't bear to skip a day so I'm up at 12:44 AM thinking of YOU.
When My parents passed on I began to know them in different ways. It was as if we understood each other better. Even our love was enlarged and expanded. Yes, there was deep grief and great loss but something new rose up to meet me in their absence. We became more transparent. The relationship with our loved one does not cease at the end of the physical life. It is enriched! Our conversations need no words.
The sun has been blinking at me through the window plants. It has climbed above the roof line of the four story building to our east and leans down to sparkle in a collection of green and violet grapes of glass. It seems to be another cloudless day. Already the T is at +10F.
I found a ridiculous item in the news. Paris Hilton has been invited to perform at the Shooting Star, Mahnomen. Why don't they showcase native talent?
Paul Taylor came over about 3PM on Friday and took me for a car tour of the city. After many miles we stopped for supper at the Redstone American Grill, Chanhassen. I enjoyed a wonderful meal and an inspiring conversation. The highlight of the evening was just after sunset. The sky was still glowing brightly when a large banner of geese came flying up a snow covered waterway. Paul said Creator had sent the gorgeous display for me. I accepted it as a gift from Creator and thanked Paul for putting it so graciously.

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