Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Mae Sarton wrote, "I feel like I've been climbing the Christmas mountain..." I think a lot of people feel that way when enduring the stress that comes with the holidays. Yesterday I was busy but not like a mountaineer. I steamed apples and made applesauce bread. I also baked another broccoli cheese pie. These two recipes get raves! Then I did the laundry. This took four hours as the person who was before me left his stuff in the drier SO loooong. At last Roberto went and removed the man's things and I was able to finish my job.
Today a new friend, Anna L, came for rice. She bought 3# and I gave her a 'thank you' gift. Speaking of gifts I received a package from Angeline of France. Lovely gifts of love from far away. Gift giving is inspired by the winter solstice which occurred on Dec. 21 this year. The longest night and the shortest day bring us the spirit of generosity.
Ann and I searched for Masala tea and found it in an International Grocery Store near the PTL where I got a pair of slacks suitable for Paris and the perfect mug for Justice. It will match the green tea pot I got for him.
Clay Jenkinson has left his breath on Bear Butte and writes, "Bear Butte, a lonely volcanic spur northeast of the Black Hills, is unquestionably sacred. My life has been made immeasurably more meaningful for my pilgrimage to its crest." Every day I think I will not mention Brandon today and on many days I simply cannot avoid it. You see, it was Brandon that accompanied me on many ascents of the Bear. He would hurry to the top and wait for me. His bright eyes shining... his smile so dear. I can still see him standing on the deck high above the plains a brisk wind tugging at his shirt and tossing his dark hair.

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