Thursday, December 3, 2009


Aina has made a pool for the deer. She said they messed up the garden pools so she made one just for them. Of course, the gardens are no more than dried arrangements of summer's blooming abundance but they are still attractive. The waterfall is no longer in operation but the beautiful stones so artfully placed are silent reminders of how it must have been. Her three very old apple trees are coming down and some of the fallen wood is stacked near the cedar gazebo. We got a dusting of snow last night and the chickadees were first to arrive looking for breakfast.
The holidays can hit you like a steel bat. I am particularly concerned for Wallis. She is most vulnerable at this time. I can only trust that she will find the support she needs now when old wounds are new again.
Yesterday Aina purchased an African violet. It is a deep purple with bright yellow centers. The double petals are etched with white. The leaves are not as hairy as are some violets. It does remind me of my mother. She loved these little beauties and managed to keep 3 or 4 alive all winter. When the fire went out in the wood stove at night it got freezing cold in the house. To save them from a frozen death she covered them.
I slept like a lost mitten and dreamed: Laura Fadden, Annie, Cedar and were with a crowd of strangers. Laura and Annie left abruptly. I thought they would return shortly but soon it was dark and cold. I was holding Cedar to keep her warm. I didn't want to leave the area but Cedar needed shelter so I picked her up and carried her away. There were other people around, there were no street lights and the walkways were unpaved. Cedar slept in my arms but had lost her shoes. I sat down on a stone bench and wondered why we'd been left behind. Then a young woman saw my distress and said her home was nearby. She offered us shelter and I accepted. I followed her to a small stone house. Inside were 4 beds covered with matching floral bedspreads. She said her husband and child would return soon. Almost at once the door burst open and the happy pair entered. I'd laid Cedar on one of the beds and sat close to her. The little girl covered her with a small quilt. Then there was a knock at the door! We all turned to see who was trying to get in and I woke up on Aina's sofa. I was glad it was only a dream.

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