Monday, December 7, 2009


"I've always thought of poems as my companions." Rita Dove. The poems of Mary Oliver have been my good companions for many years. I think I discovered her while gathering material for The Red Road Project. Today I was reading MaryO and found, "...everything, forgetting it's own enchantment, whispers: I too love oblivion why not it is full of second chances." I am too greedy to forget the old enchantments. They cling to me too closely to discard. Does this spell doom? "Anne Dunn is like a rabbit. She gets no second chance," the doomsters drone. But in the Black Hills I met a large blue rabbit with one red eye. I followed him to an intersecting trail. He chose left and I went right. I believe we went on to all our second chances and not a last chance yet for me.
Katherine Anne Porter has written of Willa Cather's short stories, "They live with morning freshness in my memory, their clearness, warmth of feeling, calmness of intelligence, an ample human view of things." What a breathtaking tribute. Yesterday I began reading "The Troll Garden" while I sat outside. I forgot how cold it was until my feet began to complain. This short story collection by Willa was published by The American Library in 1961. At that time it cost 50 cents. I purchased the pre-owned volume for $6.35. One of the owners of this book lived in NY state. Her name was Jean and she did not mark the pages. I plan to send this pocketbook classic on to Sharon S with this journal... the pages will be marked.
Paul Taylor dropped in for a brief meeting and has asked me out for supper on Friday. He has been a social activist for many years and is quite well informed on many critical issues.
After a wonderful supper prepared by Roberto, Ann and I went to Kitty's for a bit of yoga. I was not flexible enough for most of the moves but I was surprised that I could do some of the poses without too much difficulty.

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