Saturday, June 5, 2010


Today it has occurred to me that I never miss my former husbands but I'm dreadfully lonesome for good teeth.
Mae S wrote, "Living alone I find shared laughter is one of the things I miss most." She also said, " mourns one's young face sometimes." Well, since she raises the topic I will confess that I often wish for younger feet.
All day I have been waiting for rain. Not that we need it but gray clouds have been tumbling over us and the trees are dancing with that waiting-for-rain rhythm. At 4:02 PM it has begun to rain. It is not a joyful rain. No it is heaven weeping for creation, dragging her hair across the Gulf. Before the rain began dripping from the eaves I was wondering about myself. Here I sit at the gateway to the future. What am I doing for humanity?
Several hours ago I turned my ankle just a little but it still hurts. Am I stuck here? Will the 16 steps down and up be more than this ankle will accept? We shall see. No, I went down and up without agony. But sensible creature that I am, I shall remain aloft until tomorrow.

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  1. Put your feet up! Select a good book - preferably uplifting. Could you use a box of children's books? I have some to spare. Maybe it's time for a Netflix movie - I'm going to see if they have Ragtime. Going through a box of books I brought home to sort. Hugs and good ankle vibes!