Monday, June 14, 2010


I opened my eyes to a big surprise... SUNSHINE! Yes, there it was bending low and peering into the bedroom. It shown gaily on the bright green leaves dancing happily beyond the glass. There are scattered clouds but not heavy like they have been.
Avid rummaging has provided me with two elusive items essential to the completion of my kitchen. An over the sink cutting board, 25 cents, and a lettuce spinner, $1. But now I am looking for a bigger blender. Last night I made a pot of extreme veggie soup and wanted to puree some of it. I have a small blender that I use for fruit smoothies but larger would be better for soup.
May S was having a bad day in 1982. "The constant remaking of domestic chores into order that keeps a house alive and peaceful takes a lot of doing." But the worst thing about that day was that she'd put a new ribbon in her typewriter and it stopped working! "Does not move forward or backward."
"You can't hatch anything without heat." Meridel LeSueur. The heat of creation has been absent from my days lately. I think I'll work myself into a sweat and see what hatches. She also said we need a spark to illuminate. "Life is for fulfillment of desires down to the deepest and most spiritual. Learn how to love without violating the beloved." MLS. What shall I illuminate? What shall I love? What are my deep desires? How shall I fulfill them?
Mary O, "There are days when I rise from my desk desolate." A few pages later she suggests the song of the sun followed by the moon. Instantly I heard them singing together. The sun sang with the deep bass of Melvin Franklin. The moon with the clear vibrato soprano of Joan Baez. It was a heavenly duet.
I have discovered that I can use my Arrowhead Library card to hear free audio books on my pc! After 4 hours of sweat and effort I have succeeded in downloading my first book. I am happily listening to "All Creatures Great and Small". Nothing can stop me now!

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  1. Another new world opened! How do you like listening to books? It must be grand with the library far away. I'm still not used to it, but with my eyes almost glued shut after Five Crowns with Karen S. it would be easier to get through a chapter if I were listening rather than reading. Enjoy! Technology at work for you.