Sunday, June 13, 2010


Sharon H sent me a card with a terrific quote from Cycles of the Moon: "By observing the progression of the moon and noticing the effect on her body, mind and spirit, she learned how to work with Mother Nature to create peace and abundance in her world."
I have put some images of the A-frame on facebook and can heartily agree with Mae S today. "It's lovely to share the beauty of this place." Klinkinborg tells us, "Dad is now 76, healthy, vigorous, almost adolescent again." Now there's a worthy goal!
I was forced to purchase another lamp! As my eyes seem to be growing dim I find I need more light around me. I had thought I could go to bed with the sun but I just don't like spending too much time asleep. The world is still filled with such wonderful things... I don't want to miss a moment of my little days. I recall a chat I had with Mom. She scowled at me and asked:"How come you didn't come over yesterday?" Me, defensively: "I did come over but you were sleeping on the sofa so I didn't want to bother you." She scolded: "Well you should wake me up! I can sleep anytime! You wake me up when you come over. It's not a bother. I want to see you... talk with you. Sit down. I'll make a fresh pot of coffee."
Annie saw four foxes on Friday. What a splendid gift! Four foxes in a day is a message! I had good signs yesterday. I saw a heron flying in the rain, the car in front of me had 607 on its plate, and when I entered Walgreen's, Elvis was singing! And you know what the wise old woman says. "Signs are everywhere. Look, listen and learn."
Mary O has written a wonderful "Fox" poem. Find it on page 34 of "West Wind".
As I continue reading "Giant" I find I like Jett Rink less and less. In the movie he is portrayed by James Dean with more sympathy than the character created by Edna Ferber deserves.
Speaking of books, I got my "Mail a Book" catalogue, filled out the request card and will soon be rotating books by mail. Perhaps i can give up my little personal library. Except for my poetry collection. I'll keep them for all the rest of my days. Is that planning too far in advance?
I have a quote for your writers but the fine print is too small and i can't tell you the name of the originator. "The characters of my own creation story are weaving themselves into my vocal cords."
I'm watching a movie entitled "My Side of the Mountain" by Jean George. It makes me want to be a 13-yr-old boy, hike into the forest, move into a tree and live off the land. My supper simmers in the slow cooker.

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