Saturday, June 12, 2010


June 10. Cedar spent the day. We rummaged a bit. Nothing really exciting. Then we were off to the library. Rummaged in GR, too. When we got home she sat on the settee and fell asleep. Michael brought us pizza from the Community Cafe. so we had a quiet day and a good supper.
I'm learning to create albums on facebook. It's a frustrating process. I'm working my way through it with many false steps and too much starting over.
Perhaps it's like learning to walk, or roller skate, or ride a bike. We get up and try again.
June 11. In PM we went to the church that gives and feeds. But earlier I had both Lamaya and Cedar for a couple of hours. Cedar has a small basket of clothes that I got for her on a previous visit to the Free Store. Lamaya was dismayed that I had no such basket for her. So when we were at the Free Store she and I filled a small bag with things to start her basket. I'll have to purchase a few more items as Cedar has half a basket full and Lamaya's basket is only 1/4 full. They are planning to have a fashion show and dress up with the things in their baskets.
June 12. Went to GR with Annie and the girls. Justice is at Rosebud preparing the Sundance ground. He'll be back next week.


  1. We'll have to go to the Akeley 2nd hand when you're in town. We could all fill baskets!

  2. Swell! That will be fun. When is Kitty coming? I will check calendar and see if I can be there at the same time. I have to be there in case she loses her ring again. I am the finder of lost treasure. I provide reliable service.