Sunday, June 20, 2010


Got up early and went to Grand Rapids for pedometer, quilt batting and blank CDs. The pedometer, so I can begin to record my wisdom steps. The batting, so Ann and I can work on quilts. The blanks, so I can put my cassettes on CDs. Soon Annie called to say she was ready to begin work on the jingle dresses. "I'm on my way!" But first I stopped at Marlene's to drop off her Goodwill jewelery and give her a small card case she'd admired.
Annie had set up the sewing center in the Redd Shedd and soon we had made a wonderful mess! While we cut and sewed, Cedar got paper and paint. She quietly completed several stunning pages of art. We also worked in the garden. I picked onions and secured a box of blue-green eggs for the Crystal Lake fete.
Mae S: " is possible to keep the genius of youth into old age, the curiosity, the intense interest in everything from a bird, to a book, to a dog..." It's true that I still carry youth within me. It's deep inside, unseen and silent. But it bursts forth unexpectedly and builds for me a house of mirth.
Meridel LeSueur: "I never expected to be a great writer. I just wanted to be a writer saying what was true. I just wanted to write what I knew. In love or despair... to write." So I have no grand expectations I only want to share the truth that rumbles in my bones.
Today Annie installed a small air conditioner for my comfort. I ran it until the outside air was cool then opened the windows again. I love the way it feels when the sky comes down and crowds itself into the flat. I think I am in a snuggle.

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