Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Chris Larson sent this: "WE THE PEOPLE have the power to revive democracy in the USA. May we memorialize peacemaking not just fighters. Rather than impose our standards on other countries through force, let us set a good example of democracy at its best here at home."
Today I re-read all of those old letters from friend Elsie Mooers. Then I packaged them up to send to her family. I hope they enjoy them as I have and appreciate having them home again.
Yesterday I introduced Cedar to Django Reinhardt the Gypsy jazz guitarist. I found a picture book of him at the library and read it to her. She was appalled to hear of how badly he was injured in a fire. But after a long recovery he learned to play guitar with the two good fingers on his left hand.
I found this 'news report' in an old journal: Anne M Dunn was arrested at Murdo, SD, when she attempted to ride Elvis Presley's motorcycle out of the local museum. Not only will she be doing the Jailhouse Rock for 30 days but she'll be dancing in her socks. Dunn's oxfords were confiscated when they were discovered to be the famous Blue Suede Shoes taken from Graceland by a mad fan in June. Dunn faces additional charges and will be extradited to TN when she completes her sentence in SD. Another entry read: Six hundred dolls from a local museum walk the picket line in protest of 25 years in the same dusty dresses.
There was also 'news' from Rapid City. Local writer Judy Merritt had her skillet reclaimed by the Black Bean Society for failing to issue cross-wind warnings to four out of state visitors for whom she'd prepared her lethal black bean omelet.
Last night I heard a cricket ticking off the seconds and felt summer slipping away.


  1. Anne, Summer isn't even here yet, it is NOT slipping away. This is a gorgeous, well-deserved, late spring.

  2. Tell that to the lonely cricket beneath the trees, beyond the window of my apt. We had some intense heat on Sat. Dancing was a challenge. But sunday we got relief from the heat and tonight it is chilly. Perhaps too cold for cricket songs.

  3. A good morning laugh as I read your latest blog. I also called SS and told her to call me so she too could enjoy a belly laugh.