Friday, June 18, 2010


June 1. It's 9:17 PM and I am in room 339 at the Black Bear Casino Hotel. Marlene S. is in the casino. I have had a refreshing shower and turned to the journal. We left Deer River about 11 AM, had a nice lunch at Cromwell and arrived at destination about 2:30. We got our room and relaxed for awhile then joined a large group of elders in the Otter Creek Room. A traditional feast was followed by a very nice pow-wow. Lucille Silk, from White Earth, asked me to dance her shawl for Grand Entry. I was honored to line up with the dancers wrapped in Lucille's bright shawl. I also danced several inter-tribals. The pow-wow concluded with a give-away. I got a detangler comb for Cedar. Then we all danced our gifts.
The severed artery in the Gulf is still at hemorrhage flow. It's been 8 weeks!
Meridel LeSueur seems to be speaking directly to me when she writes: "Writing is primarily a sensuous and creative expression of life."

June 16. It's been another enjoyable day! I was up early and went down to pool area to visit with other early risers. I left Marlene asleep as she had worked hard to win our gas money. She returned from a late visit to the casino with $40 for the tank. We had a continental breakfast and I changed tables so many times I felt like Waltzing Mathilda. When people were leaving Marlene arrived so I sat with her as she ate. But when I turned and saw Billy Mills I went to greet him and shake his hand.
I attended several workshops and enjoyed a shoulder massage. After the awards ceremony we gathered for another wonderful feast. Then we visited displays and found a lot of free stuff. Marlene even bought me a pair of earrings! We spent some of our coupons on food and went to see the comedienne in the Cobalt Lounge. We left early and watched a dance program on PBS.
I also met a fine young woman who informed me that I may have a 1/2 brother that I didn't know I had. We plan to maintain contact! Finding our relatives is so exciting!

June 17. At 9:30 PM I am back home in Deer River sitting in the middle of a tornado watch until 11 PM. We are expecting severe weather but at the moment we have a nice rain and easy thunder.
The day began with me walking a one mile course marked off on the casino parking area. But the highlight was when Billy Mills invited me and Marlene to sit with him in the Buffet Cafe. Yes! THE famous Olympian from 1964. He still holds the 10K record of being the only American athlete to take the gold in that event. I got his autograph again I now have his signature 3 times!. He is such a gracious man.

June 18. Well rested but too tired to dream. Mae S had "gone to bed comforted by an electric blanket." I had gone to bed under a tornado watch. We both slept well.
According to Meridel LeSueuer. "Struggle is the underlying energy of all life." My old friend Chris M told me that we must never assist a hatchling to remove itself from the egg. It must be allowed to chip itself free. Without the struggle the hatchling dies. So we can survive and thrive after we accept our struggle and carry it through to the outcome.

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  1. Anne, I never thought of us like the hatchling or butterfly - we must all struggle for freedom and life as an adult.
    I'm keeping up my walking program so far - out to the county road and back.