Saturday, June 26, 2010


June 25. There will be a lunar eclipse at 5:17 AM Saturday. I hope I can get up to see it. The moon energy was delicious last night but kept me wake. There was a mist in the air which put an opal ring around the glowing grandmother. On the black water the white light danced breathlessly. The loons were loud and raucous with delight that they had been invited to such a lovely event. Eventually I went to sleep but the peace was suddenly shattered by an avalanche of thunder tumbling from the sky. I opened my eyes to see the rolling clouds shimmer with lightening followed by a long throaty growl from above. The rain lulled me back to sleep and so I dreamed.
I was walking in the rain and saw an eagle dropping feathers from the sky. I thought I'd go to Annie's for some fabric to wrap them in. I didn't pick them up as I planned a quick return. Annie's house was so shambled and she was so harried I had to leave without the fabric. But the house had relocated while I was inside and I was now standing on the curb in a residential area surrounded by many houses and looking down a busy street from under a canopy of tall leafy trees. When I turned I saw that Annie's house had disappeared. "I must be lost," I said. An elderly man approached and said he had lived there all his life. He asked who I was looking for, the address and phone number. I told him I didn't know. He gave a disgusted snort and stomped off. As I walked along I passed a school with children playing in the snow. I kept walking but it was getting dark when I entered a brushy forest and saw a tall menacing looking man walking toward me. I was hunched over as I ducked under the brush but he remained upright and did not have any trouble with branches hitting him. We passed without speaking.
Then I came to a road and saw a small cafe. The side walk was cordoned off with a yellow ribbon. One side of the walk was paved with shards of broken plates and mortared into place. That's where pedestrians were walking. On the other side the broken ceramic had been laid out but was still loose. As I stood admiring the beauty an elder woman and a little girl came with a small basket. They selected several pieces, put them into the basket and walked slowly down the street. No one objected to their conduct and I suddenly realized who they were. It was my grandmother Vanoss and myself!. I was unable to shout above a hoarse whisper but fortunately I had a bell in my hand which I rang frantically. Still they did not look back and at that moment I was awakened by the jangle of the telephone.
Ann and I worked on the quilt all day. We had a break and went to Jean's for some fine dining. After a long day of quilt construction we finally arrived at the end of the process and found we had created a fantastic log cabin scrap quilt. It's a beautiful gift for my beautiful Chey on her beautiful wedding day.

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