Thursday, June 24, 2010


June 21. After bags were packed and waiting at the door I called Wallis to tell her I was leaving for Crystal Lake to spend a few days with Ann M and Anne M. We will be the 3 A's, or Triple A. I was also taking the produce from the refrigerator with me so it would not go to waste in my long absence. It was a pleasant uneventful drive with one stop for dairy products at Walker. Arrived at the cabin hungry and was soon eating a delicious chicken sandwich with a wonderful cup of aromatic coffee followed by a decadent chocolate dessert. Anne M and Ann M are reading and I have brought a book, too. I'm still reading "Giant". It is an interesting story and so well done but I am too busy with other things and do not open the book every day. I hope to finish it here by the quiet water. It's glorious to "just sit and stare". But I also hope to complete Chey's wedding quilt.
The Triple A decided to visit the ARCC clothing depot in Akeley. Soon we were three delighted shoppers. It was there Ann found the perfect red shirt to cut up for the log cabin quilt pattern which requires a hearth in the center. She also purchased a puzzle which was soon laid out on the card table. After a delicious supper of baked wild salmon, broccoli and rice prepared by Anne M we puzzled a bit. Then we watched "Backstairs at the White House" episode one.
Jean had stopped in for a visit. She is at her cabin on the point with Heath her two-year-old grandson. I remember when her cabin was a pre-Doug structure. In fact, this cabin is also full of pre-Doug memories. He's gone now but his spirit is still with us in the wonderful memories of him and these cabins which bear his artistic influence and evidence of the many man hours he put into them to make them the beautiful structures they have become.
Before I fell asleep I was gifted with a loon concert that blessed me to the tattered edge of my hungry soul. The moon peeked in and smiled through the white pine canopy.

June 22. I was up early to witness a transformation. When I sat down before the big window the lake lay before me mirror still. The trees across the water leaned toward me to admire their reflections. By the time Anne M joined me a heavy fog had deposited itself on the gently riffled water. Within moments we were isolated from the rest of the world by a cloud that had graciously included us in its moist embrace. We were enjoying our second cup of coffee when Ann M joined us and soon were all deeply enraptured by the pristine beauty and peaceful spirit of this place.
I went for a long walk and took many photos of nature. Got home to enjoy a salmon omelet. Then Jean, Heath and I went to Park Rapids for sewing supplies, Heath needed water shoes. We had lunch at the DQ.
Before going to bed the Triple A played 5 Crowns. The 2 A's went to bed while I stayed up with the puzzle for another 10 minutes. The water shone under the light of the moon and included me in its glow.

June 23. I was the last one up. Read and puzzled. After gazing on the lake and watching a great blue heron stalking along the shore I got serious about the quilt. So we 3 A's began to fold and cut. Later I cooked buffalo meatballs and made a salad. Anne M warmed up the rice and broccoli while Ann M stitched blocks. We finished 13 blocks and completed an impossible angel puzzle with 2 missing pieces before going to bed.
It had been a long and busy day but it had passed too quickly. I thought again about what Anne M had said: "If your face is dirty I need a good wash." As I sat alone with my journal the moon peeked in to bid me "Good night." I looked up into her dusty face and decided I needed a good wash before I went to bed.

June 24. Ann M and Anne M went for a walk while I visited the lake and followed a turtle. I finally caught up with him as he was sitting on a nearly submerged branch of a fallen tree. I picked up a few stones for painting with Cedar.
Anne M made a wonderful breakfast. I picked wood sorrel for flavoring the salmon omelet. At the mailbox I retrieved two movies and we all sat down to watch one more episode of "Backstairs at the White House." Ann M prepared Kenyan tea which she had carried back from Africa.
As I watched the movie I remembered WWII. I was just a child but I recall the rationing stamps for limited resources, leaving tin cans at the curb, collecting newspaper.
After Anne M left for Mpls Ann and I returned to Hobby House to resume work on the quilt. Then Jean and Heath came over in the kayak for supper. Afterward Ann and I went back to the quilt. While Ann stitched the log cabin I arranged blocks for a baby quilt. After 12 more blocks had been completed and a master block for tomorrow I made smoothies and we talked about playing cards.
The moon put on a spectacular water show. We decided we were too tired for cards. Ann decided I should spend this last night in the big bedroom because the moon will shine in most of the night. I think it would be lovely to spend the whole night moon bathed so I accept the generous offer.


  1. Oh, to have seen you when you came to Park Rapids for quilt materials shopping!

    Carol Ashley and I could possibly come to Deer River to visit with you on Monday, June 28. Will you be home? Do you still need a larger blender?

    I miss you.


  2. Well now I know how Ann M found out about the blender. I wondered how she could read my mail. She must have read the blog and found your comment. Yes, a big blender would do for me at this time. It will be wonderful to see you and Carol. I will be home Monday. You will find me on my knees with my mouth full of pins.