Saturday, June 19, 2010


Before going to bed I watched "Edith Piaf: the Passionate Life". She was an incredible woman and a creative genius. The documentary said she sang at Carnegie Hall but failed to mention that she also appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show.
Mae S had "tea on the terrace" today, Sat. 1982. Cedar and I used to enjoy beverages on the Redd Shedd patio. Mae had begun to "feel like a camel in sore need of an oasis. The oasis is silence. I woke up in the night starving for silence, for time alone here, but there is none in prospect." She was just too busy. Duty had crowded her life. She had too many visitors and a full calendar. How busy do I want to be? Now I have the time I need to enjoy my life... one day at a time... moment by moment.
Meridel LeSueur, "...only from the working class could come the poets and singers, the prophets, the heroes and the martyrs." I suppose this is just another romantic myth. Surely such gifts arise among the moneyed as often as among the unmoneyed.
Annie, the children and I went to Duluth this afternoon to find fabric for two new jingle dresses. We are going to begin working on them tomorrow. They will probably be danced at the next pow-wow. There will be photos.

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