Saturday, June 26, 2010


I got up at 7:23 so the lunar eclipse happened without me. But the moon and I had had a lovely conversation the night before. When Ann and I returned from Hobby House the moon had spread her light across the water in the form of a champagne glass. The far side held the bowl and our side the silver stem.
Yesterday when I looked across the yard from Hobby House I saw a woodchuck on the cabin porch. He was up on his back legs with his front paws on the glass door. He was peering in like a curious neighbor come to visit. On our return from Jean's Ann and I had seen a deer.
And so once more I rolled up my gypsy robes, shouldered my baggage and drove myself home. Several messages waited on the phone. I went to Grand Rapids for pins and the fabric for the back of the log cabin quilt. I also stopped at the library.
Later Ann called to say that she had examined a photo of the quilt top and discovered that two blocks needed quarter turns. I unpacked the quilt top and found the misapplied blocks. As I listened to "All Creatures Great and Small" I picked out the stitches and repined the blocks. Then I spread my Ruth Ann Garden quilt top, loft and back on the floor in the familiar sandwich arrangement. I pinned the layers together and basted around the edges with red thread.

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  1. Now I'm anxious to finish a quilt! If I'm awake in 30 minutes I'll have a moon lit paddle with Jean and Christine. My eyes are very droopy.