Monday, June 28, 2010


The lady in the flat under me feeds pigeons. Today the flapping flock arrived at 7:45 AM. First they took their roof top positions above my window and their soft cooing wafted in to me. "Harp Song for a Radical; the life and times of Eugene Victor Debs" (Marguerite Young) lay open in my lap but I did not turn a page for several long minutes. I could hear the birds shaking their wings. Then as if on cue they leaped from the roof and plunged to the ground. They gathered around the spread of grain without jostling or any greedy aggressive conduct. Then as though it had been choreographed, they burst into flight and hurried south.
Flo H and Carol A arrived about 10:45 AM. After a brief visit we went to Annie's for lunch. Kalene was there, so tall and pretty. When I introduced her to my friends she gave them each a warm hug and I beamed. She tried on her dance dress and we decided how the top could be enlarged. It will be very nice after all. Then Annie and the teens left for Grand Rapids so Justice could take his drivers permit exam (which he passed). Cedar came with we three older women. We went to King courtyard and played for an hour. Well Flo and Cedar played for an hour. Carol and I were pooped in half an hour and sat on the swings to watch. Then we came back to the flat and I made blueberry smoothies with the wonderful blender that Flo had brought for me. Soon they were on the road back to Park Rapids.
Cedar and I put a few pieces into the puzzle. Then Annie came to retrieve her little sweetheart. It's been another lovely day. Now Dale and Michael are cutting grass and the fumes and whine of the busy gas powered motors has invaded my restful flat.

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