Sunday, February 28, 2010


Feb 27, 10. I have been up for a long time. Too excited to sleep. More e-mails today. I put some beautiful YouTube videos from Paris and Toulouse on Facebook. I have watched them four times already. They are quite lovely.
Hickman, "I will see the shadows of my grief everywhere. And move on." Mae S. did not write today and I will not see her journal again until I return March 17 or 18. Whittier wrote, "Before my drift-wood fire I sit, And see, with every waif I burn, Old dreams and fancies coloring it and folly's unlaid ghosts return."
Verna was so kind that took me to the terminal. So I didn't have to take the light rail. I tested my tribal ID and held up the line. The security officer had not seen one before so he had to search the books. As he flipped the pages I saw "Indian" upside down and pointed to it. He let me pass. We both learned something. He will tell other officers so we first nations peoples can use our tribal ID cards to travel.
When we got airborne I began looking about for sky ranger/marshal. But I didn't see anyone who looked like he could protect a plane full of people. It was an uneventful journey across the sky. At 6:52 PM I was in Atlanta, GA. Layover spent reading "Columbus and Other Cannibals". Then on to Melbourne in a much smaller plane. Arrived at about 10. Laura met me and took me to her home. They had already had supper but fed me well with shrimp gumbo and salad. Then to bed.
Feb 28, 10. In AM I opened the blinds to greet the sun and renew my friendship with the great pine and queen palm. They know I am here. I sense my own dearness in their presence. Now some of the smaller trees are remembering me. The queen palm says, "Look I am healing you!" Yes, I do feel better. She sweeps the sky with her patient dance. The big pine sends me his steady gift of peace. I moved the chair to the window and the sun has reached me. The good energy is overwhelming my winter blues and cabin fever is flowing out of me. I can almost see it littering the floor around me before it is sucked into the sky and away.
Later we went to Pat's birthday party at Meg O'Malleys Pub. Everything was delicious. I went home and took a long nap. I woke up about 6PM to call Ann M and Angeline B.
There's a full moon rising over Melbourne and the queen palm is in ecstasy. The moon back lights her fronds and she scatters the warm moonlight over us.

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