Friday, February 12, 2010


Hickman, "The memory of my loved one is a part of my life forever." Mae Sarton, "It is hard to believe that in three months the field, so absolutely white, will be its ragged spring self again with a host of daffodils poking up through it." Angeline has written that the violets are blooming in France! Wendell Berry, "When I walk here alone, the thought of you goes with me; my mind reaches toward yours across the distance and through time." Of poetry Tom McGrath wrote, "of course, the Muse doesn't let you quit..." He was blacklisted during the McCarthy era. He said, "The work of the poem is to create a past in order to rescue the future that has been stolen from us." Clay Jenkinson, "He (Crazy Horse) had a kind of moral purity, that is virtually Christ-like, and it doesn't hurt that he was assassinated by Rome and partly by his fellow Jews, at about the age of 33." In the final hours of his life Crazy Horse would say, "All we wanted was peace and to be left alone."
Today I received an e-mail invitation to join friends on a snowshoe adventure. But I cannot. However, it took me back to an old trail cut and cleared by me and Brandon. We often walked there. I was especially eager to walk by moonlight. He often joined me. I'd send him ahead of me so he could feel more alone. But I'd always catch up to him as he stood mesmerized by beauty. He'd stop to fix the image in his memory. He didn't want to forget those crystal blue trails. Sometimes I wonder if he thinks about that, too. Sometimes I am afraid I must remember it for both of us.
Norma and I went out for lunch today. She had the fruit bowl and I had a Cajun burger. I hadn't had a burger for 4 months. I thought it would be wonderful. But now I wish I'd had a fruit bowl, too. No one gets enough fruit in February. I also mailed two packages.

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