Thursday, February 4, 2010


The uninvited guest is a deadly pest and has destroyed ash trees in 13 states and 2 Can. provinces. It appeared here in MN in May, 2009. The tiny green insect threatens to destroy many millions of trees. Itasca county, where I live, has 60-90 million ash trees. Are they on the borer's menu? Noam Chomsky, "The US supreme court has just handed much more power to the small sector of the population that dominates the economy."
Feb. 3 was the 51st anniversary of the day the music died. In 1959 Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper were killed in a small plane crash. My favorite Buddy song is "Rave On". Find it on YouTube. "LaBamba" was Valens' signature song and you can also find the Big Bopper singing "Chantily Lace".
I began the day by watching a movie, "Edge of America", released in 2004. It's a good story! Find it at Netflix. My daughter Annie wrote and performed some of the soundtrack. In fact, her song gave the movie its title. If you listen you'll hear my words, too. One day Annie was discouraged and asked me, "What can we do?" I said, "Oh, Annie. We got to climb more mountains, run more miles, climb more trees." She knew what I meant and you would, too, if you lived on the edge of America".
Hickman, "We know that slipping away from reality is no pathway to peace of mind and heart." Daisy Zamore, "I love this body of mine that has lived a life... I love this body that is made of pure earth, seed, root, sap, flower and fruit."
Mae Sarton, "What originally put me off (Matthew) Fox was the absence of an authentic style. The actual telling (of "A Spirituality Named Compassion") is done in a rather pedestrian language, which never lights up the material for me."
MaryO, "...on the daily tidal flats so silently abide the tribes of clams." Now there's an authentic style with lights.

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