Sunday, February 14, 2010


Happy Valentines to all!
During meditation at SRF I was considering a troubling dream in which my son Steven was in desperate need of assistance. I was unable to help because I was caught in a paralyzing energy shield. Daughter Esther drove up in a blue truck. "We have to help Steve. He's been beaten. They did it to him again! They beat him and left him by the road. He's in the ditch. He can't get up. We must help him! Hurry!" She was screaming but I could not move. Suddenly daughter Annie swept past me and leaped into the truck. They sped off together to help their brother.
When I lived in Grand Forks I saw an elder man clinging to the side of a brick building. I ran across the street and held him up. I shouted for help and another man hurried to aide us. Then two more men came to show us where he lived. When we got to his door about 1/2 block away the two men dismissed us. The elder said, "My friends will take care of me. Thank you. Thank you."
Afterward as I was walking toward home I could still feel that small man in my arms. He felt like a bag of bones. I thought, "He was someones baby. He was a child at play. He was a friend, a lover, a father." I've never forgotten him and somewhere in my mind I had begun to think Steven was destined to become such a man. Until today! Now I know his sisters will be there for him. I don't have to carry that feeble man any more. I can release his poor bones and never have to hold him in my arms again.
There were lovely flowers in the SRF hall today and Yogananda had his eye on me. "Well," I asked him, "what do you think?" "Of what? "Of me." He spoke a single word, "Transient." It means "passing through time". Well, aren't we all?

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