Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Wow! "La Danse" was an incredible event! Because of the weather and other inconveniences our party of 6 dwindled down to two. So it was just me and John Colliers. Ann dropped me off at the St Anthony Main Theater where John was waiting. The weather had discouraged everyone. We shared the large auditorium with about 6 other patrons! La Danse was documented by Fredrick Wiseman. It is an intense exploration of one of the world's greatest ballet companies, the Paris Opera Ballet. It was filmed in the 19th century building Palais Garnier. It was spoken in French with English subtitles. Several ballets were presented in rehearsal and performance. the language of dance took us on a journey from "The Nutcracker" to contemporary works listed in the program. Also listed were the names of The Stars and The First Dancers. Wiseman included views of empty corridors filled with commanding voices, stairwells of cheerful chatter and silent windows with hazy views. We saw custodians engaged in building repairs and wall painting. We were also privy to a union meeting. We were allowed to look over the shoulders of those who made the costumes and those who cleaned the shoes.
As I sit here today in my lazy old body there are beautiful, energetic young people teaching their strong, graceful bodies to dance.
Like most of us winter people Mae Sarton had grown hungry for light and watched the days grow longer. "It's 5PM now and still light... It is wonderfully silent and beautiful all around, so silent I have not wanted music..." Later she would write, "It's dark now. The snow is deep blue and the ocean is nearly black. It is time for some music."
I am trying to get a short story ready for a March 1 deadline. But I have no energy for that kind of work. I have a title and the bones for "An Abduction".

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