Thursday, February 11, 2010


Good morning! Look at all that sunshine! It's all over town today. Like a big heavenly smile it goes from ear to ear,
My childhood friend Myrna will be in town today. Her brother Julius has gone to the other side and his remains are being interred at Fort Snelling. I can't be there but in spirit. In fact, I think my spirit is already there making spirit step prints in the snow.
Roger Rosenblatt, "The problem with death is absence." Yes it leaves an empty place on this side, a familiar hole in life. We walk around the edges and cry, "I miss you, miss you." And it's true. It's unavoidable. It changes the future... even the past is altered by death. But it makes me think of the other side where so many loved ones are waiting for me. It gives me permission to look toward my crossing over with the anticipation of many joyful reunions.
Somewhere in Stevens Square community is a garden dedicated to the memory of Emily Peake. I must look for it on a summer day.
Clay Jenkinson, "Almost all that matters is gone now. The Indians were decimated to the point of genocide; the buffalo nearly exterminated; the wolves killed off; rivers channeled, dammed, drained and befouled; grasses plowed under and good earth blown away."

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