Thursday, February 18, 2010


Friend Aina said that Elder Buck has left an antler for her. What a loving living gift! Aina is someone who savors the wonders of earth. She has many wild friends and several dropped antlers among her treasures.
Emily Dickinson, "This is the Hour of Lead - Remembered, if outlived, as Freezing persons recollect the Snow - First - Chill - then Stupor - then the letting go -" This is how the poet expressed deep grief and loss. When I must recall the Hour of Lead I will also remember the simple joy of a new day rising with an opportunity for growth and renewal. For just as Elder Buck must lose his antler so he will grow another. The new antler will be different. It will be a record of growth, renewal and maturity.
Today I leave for LaFarm, a writing retreat near Evansville, MN. I plan to work on a play. I have selected several books to keep me company. One from Willa Cather, another from Langston Hughes. I will also take our good friends Mary Oliver and Mae Sarton.
Mae wrote of how the writer is so easily distracted. "An hour of intense talk uses up the psychic energy I need to call upon when I write." Mary O had this to say, "Well, we change, but we don't change much." Grant Utley used to say, "Time marches on, but not very far."
Barbara and Lynelle arrived at 11AM and we were on our way to La Farm, near Ashby MN.

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