Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Feb 22, 10. Sharon H and I came back to La Farm then she played cards with Barbara and Lynelle while I read and relaxed. I also worked on the jigsaw puzzle. Then we settled in and watched the Olympic ice dancing. I'd seen many pheasants along the road but no turkeys.
I am up early today. The sun is not yet risen but the snow and sky are dusky blue and the black fringe of distant trees hedge the house that love built. The coffee aroma fills the kitchen with the warm fragrance of another friendly day.
I must not neglect the near trees for they are also beautiful. Some of them are marked for doom. How I love the dark and graceful shape of them against the winter sky. Mary O. "I stand in the cold kitchen, everything is wonderful around me."
Feb. 23, 10. Barb's husband Arnie had given her money to take us out for breakfast at City Cafe in Ashby. We had a hearty meal. Sharon H joined us and Claudia also showed up. We had a group photo taken. I bought a woven rug from Joel the rag rug man. We went back to clean La Farm house and then drove to Mpls.
Justice called while Ann and I were watching "As Good As It Gets". I talked with him and then Wallis and finally Annie. It sure was nice to connect with home for a few minutes. We finished the evening by watching Olympic ice dancing.

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