Friday, February 26, 2010


I've added David Richo to my Amazon wish list. It's getting long because I'm trying to get free shipping. Most of what I want to get are not eligible so I am still $15 from my goal. I've also added books for Cedar. Annie said at her parent teacher conference Cedar got high marks for reading and writing in her journal. She brought the journal and read it to me at Perkins. The teacher was moved by her rich mental imagery and how well she expressed it on the page. Perhaps a poet has been born.
Jim Cotter, "Again arises from the heart of suffering the ancient cry, O God, why? O God how long? And the cry is met with silence." Hickman, There are times "when we feel utterly abandoned, left in a dark room alone, When the universe seems a vast and unfriendly place." Richo, "More and more I look at people and their choices without censure." Mary O, "In the personal life, there is always grief more than enough, a heart-load for each one of us on the dusty road."
Soon Annie and Cedar will be at the door! Wallis called to say my Hall of Fame portrait was used as a backdrop for the Women's Foundation news on channel 11. I got e-mail from Chey that she had seen it, too.
It was a joy to spend part of my day with Annie and Cedar. When they brought me back Cedar clung to me for a long time. She kept adjusting her embrace to see if we could make it tighter and longer. How desperate was her sweet embrace. She said if I don't come home she might want to go with me where I am going. At last we said our final goodbye. When I looked back she was still hanging out the window waving her small thin arm.


  1. I know. My heart breaks when I remember how her small arms held me so tight. Perhaps this is an embrace neither of us will ever be able to forget. At Acupuncture the doctor said my pulse changed when I spoke Cedar's name. She said, "You are very close."