Monday, February 22, 2010


Feb 20, 10. Last night we had a wonderful gathering at La Farm. Patty K brought the music. She had many assistants. there were two autoharps, three guitars, three drums, and one tambourine shaker, me. In our midst were two parents grieving the loss of their 17-yr-old son. Two weeks ago he was killed in a snowmobile accident. How quickly the world is shattered by loss and grief. The wounds so fresh and painful. Oh God! How do we endure? I was thoroughly exhausted and unable to dream. I went to sleep with a thud and awakened with a pop.
Mae Sarton. "How much resistance there still is (1982) to a woman who dedicates herself to an art." But Willa Cather gave us Thea the ruthless opera singer who learned to use men to serve her genius. Sharon Saxton came over today and we made a new plan that will allow us to spend extra time together at her house. Barbara had a photo shoot at Patty's. Lynelle and I had baked salmon and Italian noodles for lunch.
Afterwards Barbara drove us to Doris the drum woman's house to see if she could repair a drum and to make arrangements for making a drum of her own. She wants to make it before July when we all go back to The Mallard.
Then we drove to Donnie and Sharon's for a chili supper. The table was full and all around were 11 warm and friendly faces. I went home with Sharon S and received a sweet welcome from Katy and Shadow the two black labs. We watched the movie, "Forget Paris". Then we talked about a certain grief of womanhood. Then to bed for a sound sleep. Sharon tucked me in like a precious pearl.

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