Saturday, February 6, 2010


We had a lovely gathering of lovely people on a lovely night at this lovely abode. There was Sharon, John, Helen, Norma, Linda, Susan, Ann and me. The wild rice dish was declared delicious! Some of the mushrooms came from France. Angeline had sent them several months ago. I had saved them for a special event... such as this was. The mushrooms were like black trumpets. I don't know the name.
The party inspired a dream of food. I was making bagels while I slept. The recipe covered half of the refrigerator door and I was unable to read it. A voice suggested that I read the fine print. At the bottom of the page was written, "Must be read from right to left". It didn't take long before I had a stack of round bagels. But I got tired of making them all the same so I began shaping them into the alphabet. When all the bread was ready someone knocked on the door. I opened the door and was surprised to see Lauren Bacall shining in rose satin and glittering with diamonds. In her throaty voice she drawled, "Hello, Anne. Am I late?" After I got her seated there was another knock on the door. Soon I was greeting Katherine Hepburn. Then Jackie Gleason entered. After that they were coming so fast I didn't know who came in. There must have been 50 guests eating bagels. I even saw John Trudell and Keith Secola chewing up the alphabet.

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