Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Mar 1, 2010. When I commented on how green it is here in Florida, Laura said she found it rather brown. A woman at the birthday party said it's been very cold, down in the 30s. I said in MN we say we think it's warm when it gets up to 30 at this time of year. I was awake at 6:07. The sky was red for a short time and a family of pelicans left their mark on the morning. I heard a new voice that sounded owlish. Then read for awhile and went back to sleep. I woke up again at 11:30.
I showered and read some more. I ate a light brunch and read several articles from the Native People magazines stacked in the tv room.
Laura took me to acupuncture and it was fantastic. My first journey took me down into a wild violet. I wanted to get smaller and enter the stem to discover the roots. But I was too big. I sat in the violet with the petals all around, pollen dropping over me and I could feel the little hairy throat of the flower with my tiny fingers. I stayed there for several minutes. Then I tried to get in touch with my breath and started searching each part of my body for tension and there was plenty. When I thought of son Steven as a RobinHood one of my helpers said, "Robin Good Hood is better."
Then my journey took me to a prison. It was entirely black but it wasn't dark because of the white light entering through several high windows. I wore a bright red dress, a dark red beret and black shoes. Son Charles was leading the way. He wore a light blue short-sleeved shirt, dark blue pants and black shoes. He carried a large ring which contained 3 keys. As we went along we looked into the cells and found they were all empty.
Then I was back on the table for neck and shoulder work. Soon I saw a large white flower growing in the middle of my upper back. It was cupped like a hand and had more petals than I could count. I had become so relaxed that I felt like my skin couldn't hold me inside. I thought I could spill out of my hide like a bag full of jello. But before I'd relaxed I felt like I'd put my dress on without removing the hanger and I was holding my shoulders up against my ears.
Out for supper at the pub with Billy, Laura, Anita and Joe. Home early and so tired again.

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