Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Langston Hughes, "I have almost forgotten my dream. But it was there then, in front of me, bright like a sun - my dream."
Sometimes I feel more like a witness to my life than a participant. There are moments when I look out at the world through the lenses of my spectacles and feel imprisoned. So I remove my eye glasses and find the entire world is out of focus. Therefore, I must retreat to a safe place behind the glass wall again. Laraine Herring, "...the stories that spring from the authentic voice that is ours and ours alone come from within our own bodies."
Speaking of divine love the Yoga said, "He (God) is gazing at me (you) through the stars." That may seem a bit distant but what could be more constant!
David Richo, "The first given of life is that changes and endings are inevitable for any person, relationships, enthusiasms or thing. Every beginning leads to a finale." May I add to Richo's list of givens a constant that comes with every change? Choice! We are always stepping into intersections where we have an opportunity to select the change that becomes a choice.
I remember a certain intersection where friend Bona-Carol and I stood in the shallow edges of a very cold lake. Without consulting her I stepped into the water up to my waist and plunged in. She followed. We both came up screaming to prove we had survived. We got out of the water very quickly and wrapped our shivering selves in a blanket. We stared at each other for a long moment, amazed at our reckless courage and burst into hysterical laughter. Then we put on our shoes and walked home with blue-lipped giggles. I still can't believe we did this for we were not girls but crones who had chosen the challenge of spontaneous adventure with the possibility of sudden shock and heart failure.
Here is Mary O as a witness, "There was, one morning, an owl flying, oh pale angel, into the hayloft of a barn, I still see it." One night on Whidbey Island in Puget Sound I walked a bit of forest where I was a newcomer. I'd followed the narrow trail to a small open area and I knew the trail resumed on the other side so I went on in the darkness. But I veered to the right and walked into a long low branch of pine where an owl sat waiting for a mouse. Of course, he was offended by my clumsy presence and flew almost into my face. I raised my hands to protect my eyes but he swept over my head and away in total silence. I can still feel my hair standing on end.

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