Monday, February 15, 2010


Mae Sarton, "Truth transcends fact." That's why a poem or a song can often bring ideas or ideals into such sharp focus while technical writing sprawls across many pages to bring its piercing light to a subject.
Hickman, "I am always in danger of being swept away, of falling through the trapdoor of despair." Annie has written to tell me that the Saturday birthday party had a bad end. The family had gone to slide an icy hill. Wallis was on a saucer, lost control and was flung from the sled. She lay motionless at the bottom of the hill. She was unable to move! An ambulance took her to Bemidji. She had 3 broken ribs but no spinal injuries. Now she is home and Justice has accepted night nurse duties.
Of course, part of me wants to hurry home and be a good mother but I'd be double-booked. I have accepted a job in Evansville and one in Mpls this week. Then next week I begin my extensive travels which will carry me to Florida, Paris, Toulouse and eventually to the sugar camp. I send her prayers for strength and healing.
It's rather like the Valentine dream of Steven being injured and me unable to help. I was shown how other family members would take action in my absence. Wendell Berry, "Why must the gate be narrow? Because we cannot pass beyond it burdened."
In "The Truro Bear and Other Adventures" Mary Oliver includes 13 poems about her dog Percy. What a lovely tribute to her friendly furry companion. She also wrote, "Emerson, I am trying to live , as you said we must, the examined life."
Today Ann made three glorious omelette's for breakfast. She donned her blue smock and appeared as an artist at her easel. When the feast was laid so tenderly upon my proffered plate I saw a gift of nutritious beauty. At the table I sliced half a banana into buttons arranged artfully at the edge of the plate. Then with the fork I began to sculpt the eggs and filling one bite at a time. Turning the plate to explore from every side I removed the banana buttons one by one. At last all that remained was a brave triangular shaped banner of egg which I ate respectfully.

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  1. The pockets of the apron are chickens with rick rack. Definitely worth a picture!