Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Sept 29. It began raining this morning but the drops didn't knock the leaves down. So we will have good color for a few more days.
Gladys Taber offers her autumnal words, "As summer wanes, we cherish every mild dreamy day. I love the soft blue haze. I know summer still walks the lanes, but the frosty slipper of autumn is just behind."
"...order is a gift that allows me to save time and live deeper beyond the physical world." The wisdom of Beth Waterhouse from her essay "Home".
Ellie and Karen came today and we lunched at Shelly's. We also had dessert! We enjoyed a wonderful conversation about race and education. the ice cream was good, too.
Sept 30. Oh, what a miserable day... so far. Woke up with an awful headache that just got worse. Took a pain pill and 2 glasses of water. Did not rest well and got up at 9:30 AM and began vomiting. Even after the water was up and out I was still heaving about every hour. I didn't drink anymore but still retching at 2 PM. Soon I must go get Cedar off the bus... so i hope I can perk up. My head feels better. I don't want Cedar to get sick. Must enforce handwashing rule.
I was in bed all day. As Buddy Holly sang, "Misery. Oh, misery. What's gonna become of me?"
Gloria brought me supper plate of rice and chicken but I couldn't eat it. Cedar got a brownie. I had 2 more vomitiing episodes. To bed early. Got up at 1"21 AM and took a hot bath. I knew I had turned the corner!

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