Monday, September 20, 2010


In this dream Wallis and I were walking on a city street looking for Cedar. "Don't go that way," Wallis said, "you'll end up at Target." So I went behind her but was unable to keep up. When I could no longer see her I stopped and looked back. Cedar was walking toward me. "I'm thirsty," she said. We went into a crowded cafe but could not get water. As we passed a small tea room a woman in exotic attire called to me. "Anne! It's me, Marilyn." I did not recognize her but she gave us water. When we left the place we stepped into a dry and dusty land. Our hands were full. In my left hand I held strange coins and in the right a small trowel. Cedar had the same. "We'll bury them in different places so they will be hard to find," I told her. I chose downhill and she went up. When I returned to where we'd separated I waited for Cedar. She came running and shouting, "A lion!" I saw two ceramic lions hanging in a leafless tree. Then I saw a real lion rise up out of the earth and began to stalk us. We hurried to the cafe but it was abandoned. I put Cedar in a glass cabinet and stood near. The lion came and clawed the door open. I pushed him away from the cabinet but I knew I could not protect Cedar. Just then the door opened and about ten kids came in and walked past us. The lion lost interest in us and began to stalk the others. I got Cedar out of the cabinet and we hurried away in the opposite direction.
Edgar Guest, "That earth has no glory that's greater than this: That little old man whom the children will miss."
Cedar and I have begun an election process in the building. Today we posted the names of candidates for position of official Deer Crest Manor Pet Mascot. Hershey the cat and Coco the small dog. The ballots will be cast on Friday.

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