Saturday, October 2, 2010


Oct 1. Went to Cass Lake to get Wallis. I listened to MPR Classical Music. It rained all the way. The forest fragrance was wonderful and beauty was all around. On our return the day had cleared and it was blue sky all the way! We enjoyed a bright and glorious drive.
We had the election for the building mascot today. Six votes were cast. Hershey the cat got 4 votes. Coco the small dog is first runner up with 2. We also had a drawing and Evelyn won the feather mask so she is ready for tricks or treats.
Cedar had prepared a list of ten rules (I helped her put them into sentences). 1. No pushing or shoving to receive ballot. 2. If you need help or have Qs ask Cedar the election judge. 3. Don't throw things at other voters. 4. Voters must be fully dressed. 5. Voters must be at least 3 feet tall. 6. Eligible voters reside on premises 5 days a week and at least 4 hours per day. Weekends excepted. 7.Voters must be respectful. 8. Voters must have photo ID. 9. Voters must register at the polling place (comm. rm.). 10. No intoxicated persons will receive a ballot.
We also presented each voter with 2 balloons for participating.
Gladys T wrote of her mother, "She was plump as a partridge always."
While in CL Wallis and I went looking for Gene and Lottie C. She knew the general location and we drove around until I spotted their van. How surprised we were to them them moving. In fact, their rented mobile home was gone! A phone call from Lisa had saved them from homelessness!
Steve E was helping them move stuff from the storage shed. I hadn't seen Steve since he was a child but he remembered me. His sister Carrie had recently died from a blood clot in her brain. And what a wonderful brain... she was an artist.
Oct 2. Cedar must have dreamed. I heard her talking in her sleep. I dreamed that Max came back! I opened the door and he came running down the hall and leaped up into my arms! He was wiggling and whining and kissing me and licking my ears! I was mad with joy and so was he. "Max," I screamed and laughed as I held him. We played and had so much fun. There were other things happening and other people but Max took control of the dream and nothing else mattered. When he scratched at the door I opened it and he ran out into a strange wet street. I stood inside watching him but he ran out of sight. So I stepped out and called for him. Soon he came running back to me followed by four other small dogs. They all ran inside. I knew they couldn't stay so I put them out. When I woke up Max was gone, too. Gosh! It was great to see him again!
The trees are full of robins on their way south and the leaves are shining like Mayan gold.
While the clothes sloshed clean in the machine and Cedar sang in the tub, I read poetry. A poem by Ruth Rosten almost ruined my day. It was about a 61 year old woman who fell in love too easily. Rosten concluded it was due to mental illness. My friend Angeline once fell in love with 4 Greek men in one hour! She may be fickle but she is terribly sane. I was there. I saw the men and thought one was exceptionally handsome and his body wonderfully articulate. But I was unable to fall in love at that time... due to mental instability. I think I should write that into a poem.

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