Saturday, September 11, 2010


9-11. I wanted to do something special and decided to call Myrna at White Earth. Left a message and she called back in five minutes. We talked for 2 hours. Then I watched "Last Flight Home". BentProp Project team searches for MIAs from WWII. Of course they only recover remains as nothing more is left. But they also recover history and give survivors a sense of the person hood of the deceased. It is a restoration of a lost family member. I recommend this informative documentary. It is well done... tasteful... sensitive and emotionally moving.
I dreamed I was playing paper dolls with someone. We were both paper and wore paper clothes. We dressed each other in garish attire and laughed at the results. Then we became real and ran about in our hats and gowns screaming and laughing. At last we ran away together. I woke up wondering who the other child was. I decided it was my dear departed friend Elsie Mooers.
Today the girl who delivers the Manny Shopper fell down the stairs! I heard a woman scream and looked out the window. Then I heard a weeping woman begging for help. I opened the door to find her sprawled on the landing. Gloria came out, too. I sat on the step to hold the woman upright. Gloria called ambulance and Ed brought water. Soon the ambulance came and took her away. A couple hours later another young woman came to thank us for our kindness and tell us the fallen one had torn ligaments in left ankle. Ouch!

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