Wednesday, September 15, 2010


May S tells us that the two greatest human qualities are courage and imagination.
My goodness! I stuck my nose into a book entitled "Homemade" and couldn't get it out. What a wonderful collection of ideas... so useful and economical, too.
Cedar and I waited for the bus under a single umbrella today. I must get one for her so she can be more independent. She enjoyed the tapping of rain on the taut fabric. We explored the gutter and rain drain and watched bubbles form and burst in the lively puddles.
I stayed in the Community Room while the laundry was washed, rinsed and dried. I worked on the puzzle. Connie came in for a few minutes. This is the first time she has visited me. The mailbox was bursting with goodies!

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  1. My mail box was also bursting with goodies...a special letter and pictures of one of my mom and dads best lifetime friend, Dalton, who turned 99. Yes that was 99! Wow. And he looks wonderfully youthful. Hope I can attend his 100th party.