Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Sept 28. When I showed Cedar the post card Ann M sent from Iceland, she became quite interested in the beautiful puffin. We have a paper cutout puffin in the bathroom so she recognized the bird at once. Then we began a puffin hunt via the internet and visited Machias Seal Island. Yes, it is true! The voice of the puffin sounds like a chain saw!
"All this I do inside me, in the huge court of my memory. There I have by me the sky, the earth, the sea, and all things in them which I have been able to perceive... There too I encounter myself..." St. Augustine.
We went to the Student Success Community Alliance at the Wendigo Golf Course Lodge near Grand Rapids. Justice was one of the three student speakers, all of them boys. Chelsea Annette also spoke and I got her autograph. She's a young writer from White Earth and has just published a children's book entitled "Discovering the Little Brother". I have not seen it but how exciting her success is for all of us! I also want to say that Windigo was a brutal giant who abducted children and ate them. I wondered if anyone thought of that when the lodge was selected to host the event. I thought of the school system devouring our children.
On the 24th, Marianne and I dressed B-C. Melvin selected the clothes and we put them on for her. I'd never dressed the body of a deceased loved one. I'm glad for the opportunity now. I would like to be dressed for burial or cremation by the tender hands of those who love me.

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