Monday, September 13, 2010


Sept 13. What a strange dream! It was about old truth being defeated and buried by new truth. It was about the rediscovery of old truth and the battle to hide it. It was a long dream full of mist and genderless voices. I was told that old truth had a healing method based on a 10 point triangle. I was only told the first point because if one failed in this none of the remaining points could be activated. Then I was determined to expose this truth for the good of humankind. But I was out-shouted, ridiculed and threatened. Then Dar K said she knew this truth and had been healed by it. She would testify of her personal experience with this knowledge. Then everyone would have the same opportunity to be healed as she had. But when she tried to speak she was shouted at, ridiculed and silenced. We were at a loss. I woke up quite disturbed and shaken.
This morning Cedar and I took chalk out to draw our morning shadows. It took a whole stick of pink chalk to make her enormous shadow so we decided to save the blue stick for her PM shadow. She could not believe the difference. Not only was her PM shadow quite short but it was behind her!
I told Cedar that my neighbor Gloria had to leave her French poodle behind with her family in Ohio when she moved north. So Cedar decided to give Gloria our toy poodle. Gloria was so pleased! She hugged Cedar and named the tiny dog Mikey.
"For we can settle back at night and live again the joys we knew And taste once more the old delight of days when all our skies were blue." Edgar Albert Guest.

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