Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Sept 14. May S, "I am more aware than usual of the long rhythm of the seasons, and the recurring events become more precious as they structure the larger design of life itself..." Gladys Taber had gone on a drive "along a golden country road." Verlyn K enjoyed the chatter of a flock of blackbirds that had settled in a big cottonwood. Yesterday I saw a maple tree in full red! Even the goldfinch is changing color. they are losing their bright light goldness and see more creamy vanilla buff. I think most of the humming birds are gone... following the flowers south. At this time on a nicely chilled morning with a light drizzle and a dripping eave I think of mother baking bread. It was in those days she cooked with wood. It was my pleasure to fill the wood box every night and bring water for the reservoir and the big tea kettle. On Saturday I filled the wash tub twice and helped with the day long process of cleaning clothes and sheets and such. We washed them and we rinsed them and hung them out to dry. they had to be ironed, too.
Sept 15. The car has two new tires on the front end. I feel so much better and so does Cedar. She was too sick for school so I took her to the garage. We carried 4 books to read while we waited. Then we went to Cenex so she could vacuum the car. She knows the drill and goes quickly through the car with the long hose sucking up dirt.
We went to GR, too. We hit 2 second hand stores and paid the phone bill. We also went to Walgreen's. I got her vitamins to help her fight infection.
I ran into a woman who remembered me from H.S. Sue Daniels. She said she graduated a year before me. I don't know how she recognized me. When I see myself in the mirror I often say, "Who is that old woman?"
Barry Manilow almost had me in tears today when he sang "All the Time."

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