Thursday, September 9, 2010


Aug 28. Today I turned myself wholeheartedly to the Lizzie Garden Quilt. Ann M brought the Chinese gold fabric that was a chair cover and it will go on the back of the quilt.
But first... a party. Little Cecelia is four now and we celebrated the happy event at Tom and Missy's home on the Ms. river. We all had a good time.
Lila asked for a Wiping of the Tears Ceremony so I must begin to pray and get myself ready. Annie said she will help and so will Missy.
Aug 29. In my dream I was waking up in something that was moving. I could see through the open sky lights. The sky was blue and bright. The tops of the buildings were charming and colorful. I didn't know where I was so I sat up to see if I could ask someone. It seemed I had been asleep in the back of a dimly lit bus. My sister Shirley was standing nearby. We were both quite young. She told me we had to meet Annie and we should hurry. "We don't want to leave her alone too long," she said. "Oh, Annie can take care of herself all right," I told her. We stepped off the bus and into the sunny street. No one was there. The town was deserted. The bus sped away.
I have been watching "Home; a stunning visual portrayal of Earth". It is the story of our journey toward environmental collapse. However, it ends in hope. Glenn Close, the narrator urges us to work together for a better future for all. Not just the wealthy.
Later I listened to the soundtrack "Out of Africa". After all these years it remains a favorite.
I once dreamed that Elvis P was waiting for me at a cabin next to the Winnie Store in Bena. I knew it was just a dream but just in case it was a dream come true... I drove 20 miles to peek into the window of an empty cabin. But I never pass the place without glancing in that direction.
"The moon in the window seems to have drifted out of a love poem I used to know by heart." Billy Collins.
Aug 30. I recovered my $1 chair with a piece of tiger print upholstery from Ann M. It does look like something from the jungle room at Graceland.
After supper I put on my Hawaiian garden dress and watched Elvis in "Blue Hawaii." I was having a good time until the bar brawl. Elvis had a fight in nearly every one of his movies. I don't know why.
Aug 31. The deer flies are gone! The flickers are active, the monarch's are gathering for their great migration and many cars are adorned with rice boats.
I hear a blue jay but can't see it. A hairy woodpecker made a brief visit, too. "Peek, peek," she called.
Cedar and I had French toast and chocolate malted milk for breakfast. Then we made a sticker story with the tiny pictures from old mail labels. It was great. Gloria brought us each a piece of cake. I also read several story books and a collection of poems by Sara Teasdale which Cedar enjoyed very much!
Annie came to get us and we all went to meet Cedar's first grade teacher. Then we went to Shelly's for supper.
Earlier in the day I'd gotten out my old stamp album. I hadn't opened since before Brandon's death by murder. I still saved stamps in a bag but didn't put them in the album. In the bag I found four tiny photos that Brandon had taken with his mini camera. I made them into magnets and now they are on the refrigerator. I see them several times a day.

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  1. Sounds like you have known great saddness as I have. Also you take great joy in small pleasures.
    (By the way when I post a comment it will say MN MOM that was my blog. Connie)