Saturday, September 25, 2010


Sept 24. Early this morning I was asleep when someone entered my room, leaned over me and whispered, "Brandon is here." I struggled to open my eyes but saw no one. However, the room was full of a pale blue mist. The voice was feminine and a feeling of extreme love flooded around me. I smiled myself bakc to sleep. I believe it was B-C come to say goodbye and to let me know Brandon had been on hand to meet her. I am sure she had a delightful reunion with her beloved father, too.
Then it was that Melvin called to tell me that B-C had gone to the other side about 4:30 AM. Quickly I made arrangements for Cedar and left to see B-C before she was removed to Duluth where she would be cremated.
I stopped in Bemidji for food, flowers and a very chocolate cake. When I arrived at Melvin's Marianne S was already there and had a turkey in the oven. I prepared dressing and yams and got them into the oven. She made mashed potatoes. Then Betty came and she made wonderful gravy. We'd put an assortment of finger foods on the table for early arrivals. B-C was still in the hospital bed in the living room. Marianne, Betty and I were enjoying ourslves so much I half expected B-C to turn her head and join the conversation. Other mourners began arriving and the house was soon full. Mark, the hospice chaplin led us in a brief bedside service. He spoke of B-C's period of transition. You know how a word can stop your mental faculties from advancing... well I got hung up on that word and began thinking about all of us being in a period of transition at all times and beyond time... maybe even before time. So I don't know where Mark's comments took him.
Afterwards he invited others to speak. I told about the time B-C and I decided to go camping in the Black Hills. We got to Isabelle SD and were driving into a dark and furious storm so we decided to find shelter. We went to gas station for snacks and a trucker began following her around. We left without him but I always teased her about Big Bad Billy Beer Belly as I called him. The story got a good chuckle from Melvin. It broke the ice and a couple of others spoke.
Brandon and B-C enjoyed a special friendship. When he was 13 he got yard work jobs and with his wages he took us out for lunch. Can you just see it? A young teenage boy escorting two mature women to lunch and taking the bill. Well he was a wonderful lad!
Sept 25. The mascot election did not take place. I'll post an apology and see what Cedar wants to do.
When I got home yesterday the mail contained a large flat envelope. Inside was a garden kneeling pad and a plastic sleeve for my library card. I was a prize winner in the 2010 Mail-a -Book adult summer reading program!
I tried to watch a late movie as I was unable to sleep last night. But could not focus on the complex tale it told. The title "Rock the Cradle" was about a relationship between art and politics. I'll view it again when my thoughts are less fractured.
Yesterday May S wrote, "Sun after four days of blessed rain - fresh warm air, wet grass and every plant and bush and tree refreshed. I drove Home alone yesterday. the car was full of memories. I endured several episodes of weeping. The trees are getting ready for winter but I had difficulty trying to appreciate the beauty of autumn. In about a month we will have been five years without our precious Brandon and now B-C has left us, too.
Gladys Taber said that "September is a nostalgic month." And so it is.
Wallis and I to GR library today and I got some poetry. Afterwards we worked in the garden. Then I had supper. Pearl called me down for a game of Skip-Bo. I won the first game and Evelyn won the second.

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