Sunday, September 19, 2010


Sept 18. I don't know how I got my dates so mixed up. But I will leave it as it is in memory of entering my seventh decade.
On this day 1982 May S paused to celebrate the aster of which she mentioned several. But I also read Edgar Guest and he celebrated Lemon Pie! "And we smack our lips in pleasure O'er joy no coin can buy, And we down the golden treasure Which is known as lemon pie." Guest also wrote a personal note to me, "When I get big and old and gray I'm going to spend my time in play." Thanks to Cedar I have reason to play and someone to play with, too.
Yesterday, while Wallis shopped, I went to Subway for lunch. I had left home on a breakfast of two cups of coffee. As I sat alone with my sandwich I thought, "This is no fun." What would make it fun? I imagined Myrna coming to sit with me. How we'd laugh! Then I envisioned David M and Skip T entering. Now that's a party! I felt myself smiling like an idiot.
Today I gave the flat a really good cleaning. We are having a building inspection this week.
Ann and Roberto must be in Iceland now.
Geezis spent the night and in the AM she washed the dishes for me.
Sept 19. May S had been thinking about love and hate. She had put them into two categories, public and private. She called religion "the great divider".
Jane Austen had written a sad lamentation for Marianne in "Sense and Sensibility". It concerned leaving her happy childhood home. "Dear, dear Norland! When shall I cease to regret you! When learn to feel a home elsewhere! Oh! Happy house... (and) ye well-known trees."
On Fri Wallis and I went to the $ store in GR and tried on mood rings. It turned deep blue on her. I put one on my left hand, it turned purple. Then I moved it to my right hand and it turned green. I asked the clerk what that meant. She said she didn't know as most people don't put it on both hands. I bought a hematite bracelet with angels all around.
Tonight Pearl invited Evelyn and I to supper. It was delicious! Then she dished up dessert and I carried a treat to everyone in the building. It sure was fun!
Then they taught me a game called Skip-Bo and I won! That was fun, too.
I told Pearl she could not be a nun or a saint but she could be a member of the Angel Federation of America and I put the angel bracelet on her right wrist. She appeared quite pleased.

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