Monday, December 13, 2010


What a dream! I was at a party with my dog, Armand. We were having a good time. Every time something fun or funny happened he laughed! He was not large. He was not small. He seemed to love me very much but abandoned me later. He had short hair of a dark chocolate color and his ears tipped over at the top. As we tried to leave the party through the back door I discovered two cows blocking the way. They were dead and frozen. It was a shocking sight so I decided to seek another exit. I met a woman who was also trying to leave and had seen the cows. We were walking together when we met my dear old friend Bing (she is long gone to the other side). I told her about the dead cows. "Pooh, pooh!" she snorted. "I am not afraid of such things." She led us out. But Armand would not pass the cows so I went home without him. Soon a young man in a short black jacket was at the door. He wanted to see the stamps I was trying to sell. I showed him a portfolio of stamps and he selected an exquisite strip. They were fairly large, printed on gold paper and the art was highly colored. He went out to get his money from the car and never returned. When I became suspicious I looked into the portfolio and found the coveted stamps were missing.
Cedar came to spend the day with me as she was too sick to go to school. Yes, they do not want such children in the classroom sharing their germs. Only grandmothers can tolerate such children. She spent a lot of time playing with my stuffed dachshund collection. Later she worked on a chalk art project for Laura and wrote two short stories entitled "Bender's Tail" and "The Brave Snowman". I was her stenographer.

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