Thursday, December 16, 2010


Dawn S came as I put Cedar on the bus and we left directly for Pine River. It was a lovely ride over good roads. I did two programs and they were well attended. Both groups gave us a full house. Several dear and loyal friends showed up and it was a great treat to look out at their smiling faces.
When I got back home I emptied the mail box of its exciting contents. Cards and notes and a package from Carla D in France. She had sent me four envelopes of postage stamps. Cedar and I will open them tomorrow when she gets back from school.
Flo also sent a package with me and it contained a beautiful doll! There was also a caddie, can of chocolate and a bag of Jasmine tea. What gracious generous friends!
This is the final journal entry and the last blog for Seven Decades. I've enjoyed this so much that I plan to begin a new blog Jan 1, 2011. I'll keep a daily journal and a weekly blog. Thank you who have followed the blog and left comments. Perhaps you will join me again after Christmas.
Good bye for now.


  1. I'm devastated! Weekly? This is way too sudden. Where was the warning? I like knowing what's up with you!

  2. Just checking. So far no new entries. Do I really have to wait til January?