Thursday, December 2, 2010


Instead of taking the Armand book to the bus stop we stood on the cold corner and I told Cedar a story I'd made up about a broom maker, his daughter and three friendly wolves.
May S had visited the Great Smokies and remembered seeing several wild deer "and the dragon tails of mist lying among the hills." Gladys Taber had enjoyed the first snowfall at Stillmeadow. "The old greystone walls silver over, the swamp wears a mantle whiter than foam."
Van Gogh the lonely genius wrote, "I shall not avoid meeting other people - neither shall I seek them." Apparently his brother Theo had written that Vincent had offended their father and urged him to repent. To this Vincent wrote, "No, I really have no time for repenting."
Last night I had supper with Pearl then we walked across the hall to play cards with Evie. Then for the first time I heard Evie complain just a very little about the arthritis that is stealing her hands, her feet, her arms, her legs. "I get angry because I cannot do the things I want to do."

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